Seasonal Yoga
Our activities are designed to fill your personal needs. If you want to loose weight or get fit, need counselling for a bothersome health problem or want to reduce stress we have a service to meet your needs and trained experts to guide you.
Yoga Teacher Training Scotland
4.pngSeasonal Yoga presents Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Classes in Glasgow, Scotland, London & Liverpool, UK.

Seasonal Yoga flow is a technique of energetic Yoga practice, outlined to position you with the changing energies of nature and the seasons. A powerful practice that enhances physical brawniness and resilience and let you achieve the needed stability and consonance you desired. It serves as a remedy to the stress and anxiety of modern life, an approach designed in 1995 by Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd. Borrowing from the Traditional Chinese Medicine ideas about the ever diverse nature of the seasons around us and within, Seasonal Yoga flow is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and up-to-the-minute mastery of the body movements.

Start Classes at Seasonal Yoga Academy

Seasonal Yoga Academy is a yoga studio situated in the heart of Pollokshields, Glasgow, illuminated with top notch tutors and a semblance feeling welcomes you to your first class and subsequent ones. We will always be there to nourish your body and mind, by bringing together people of all ages with potentials and dreams, and lending a hand of support throughout the year and that of your precious life.

We organize various classes and workshops ranging from complete beginner classes to advanced teacher training courses at the Seasonal academy.

International Yoga Teacher Training Courses

We are more than happy to be able to provide a yearlong SEASONAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING courses in several cities across Europe.

200 and 300 hour courses are offered in our main Academy at Glasgow. The 200 hour course is offered twice a year and commences in January and May, and the 300 hour course starts in January.

We offer a 200 hour course in our London training starting in March in Cobham, Surrey in the south of London.

The Liverpool 200 hour course begins in January, Finland in September, Germany in October, and Spain will start in 2017.

Seasonal Yoga in the Community

We seek to be a positive part of the local community at Seasonal Yoga as we recognize that we are a segment of it. Please do contact us, if you are inspired by what we do and you would like to be a part of it or have a project that you would like us to support.

Join the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Revolution!

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training courses are comprehensive and deep than the standard requirements for an accredited teacher training course. With a strong background and decades of experience, plus up-to-date planning of the course structure and review of its contents, we strive to provide an enabling environment for learning which in turn bring fun, effectiveness, diversity and the needed support. Our courses are targeted at who wish to teach Yoga or like to get immersed further in their Yoga fragrance - for everyone it will be a year of personal evolution.

We offer 2 levels of teacher training (200 & 300), conversion courses, and training for those wishing to run a Seasonal Yoga teacher training from their own studio as a licensee.

Yoga Teacher Training Scotland